Natasha Bradbury

In 2016, Natasha Bradbury was killed by her ex-partner Luke Jones. Their relationship had been rocky for some time before Luke killed her. It seems that on he night of her murder, the pair were having an argument about some time Natasha had spent at a friend’s place the night before. It seems she may have had a one-night stand with another man. 

None of this is ever justification for murder. And yet so much of the news coverage linked to this story positions this incident as if it was a cause or trigger for Natasha’s eventual murder. Yes, Luke Jones was a jealous man, but jealousy alone does not make someone a murderer. A controlling character is far more of an underlying ‘cause’. 

Nevertheless, reports of the killing seem to foreground Luke Jones’s uncontrolled behaviour and treat his behaviour as if it was frenzied and as if he was out of his mind. This is despite the fact that his behaviour on the night itself and subsequently suggests a calculated attack. 

While Luke beat Natasha to death, he later pretended to have killed her defending himself from her attacks. He acted as if the killing was very sudden and unpreventable. But we know he only called the police the morning after he killed her, implying that he had murdered her and neither felt remorse nor had a sudden realisation about what he had done. In fact, perhaps that was part of a plan. 

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