Claire Parry

Claire Parry was killed by Timothy Brehmer in May 2020. Parry and Brehmer had been having an affair for 10 years. Both had other partners. Parry and Brehmer met in a carpark, where Parry confronted him about another of his affairs. She threatened to reveal their affair to Brehmer’s wife. She grabbed his phone and sent a text to his wife, saying ‘I am cheating on you’. At that point, Brehmer killed her by strangulation. 

Brehmer claims to not really remember what happened, and to not be sure exactly how and when he killed Parry. He says the whole thing was an accident. Here are some of the things he said, from a BBC news report: 

We have deconstructed what Brehmer said in the graphic above, looking at how he framed himself as acting not on intention but in a wholly uncontrolled manner. He minimises the idea that he is a murderer (and he was only sentenced for manslaughter) and implied that the killing was quick and sudden (something unlikely to be the case considering that Parry was asphyxiated. 

The sentencing judge took this into consideration. We have deconstructed his thoughts below. 

The judge implies that Brehmer’s actions were uncontrolled. This suggests force that could neither have been predicted or prevented – in short, a ‘tragedy’. This language is problematic and obscuring – it hides the true facts of the killing and covers up the red flags in Brehmer’s historical behaviour. 

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